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Causative Verb

Seringkali kali kita tidak mampu mengerjakan pekerjaan kita sendiri, sering menghendaki orang lain untuk melakukan sesuatu untuk kepentingan kita. Untuk itu kita memanfaatkan struktur kalimat causative.

    So, apa kalimat causative verb itu? Kalimat causative menggunakan causative verb yang artinya kata kerja penyebab ( verbs that cause something) atau yang menyebabkan. Berikut ini beberapa contoh kalimat yang menggunakan pola causative verb.

  1. Thomas wants to have his car washed now ( Thomas menginginkan motornya dicuci  sekarang)
  2. Nindy would like to have her hair shortened ( Nindy menghendaki rambutnya dipendekkan
 Ada beberapa kata kerja yang dikelompokkan kedalam causative verbs ini antara lain

a.    Have : meminta, menyuruh, menghendaki
b.    Make : meminta, membuat, menyebabkan
c.    Let : mengijinkan, memperbolehkan
d.    Help : membantu
e.    Get: menghendaki menyuruh

1.    Causative have : : meminta, menyuruh, menghendaki
A.    Contoh
  1. 1. My parents always have me get up early in the morning. ( bermakna aktif )
        Orang tuaku senantiasa menghendaki aku bangun pagi- pagi
  2. 2. Nindy usually has her newspaper sent to her house, but yesterday she had it sent to her office (bermakna pasif ).Nindy biasanya menghendaki surat kabarnya dikirim kerumah, akan tetapi kemarin ia menghendaki surat kabarnya dikirim ke kantor.
  3. Saphira and Sania plan to have thie new dresses made according to the current models. ( bermakna pasif ) Saphira and Sania menghendaki pakaian barunya dibuat sesuai model yang baru
  4. Please, don’t have me cry again. ( bermakna aktif ) Aku mohon agar tidak membuatku menangis lagi.
  5. I want to have my heart entertained. ( Bermakna pasif ) Aku ingin hati ini dihibur.
  B. Conclution ( kesimpulan )
  1. Jika bermkna aktif , causative “ have “ diikuti kata kerja bentuk pertama.
  2. Jika bermakna pasif, “ have “ diikuti kata kerja bentuk ketiga (verb 3)
  3. Penggunaan has/have disesuaikan dengan subject kalimat.
         Subject tunggal ( present ) has
         Subject jamak ( present ) have
         Subject tunggal/jamak ( past) had

2.    Causative make : meminta, membuat, menyebabkan
A.    Contoh
  1.  Dhane, your smile makes me think a thousand times to leave you.
  2.  Crawford can really make her boyfriend knee down
  3.  During the exam, Mr. Boy made students finish the test within 60 minutes only
  4. The moderator of the siminarcould made all the participants concentrate their minds on the        matter very well.
  5.  Sweetheart, I will make you stand by me and stay with me
B.    Conclution ( kesimpulan )

      a.    Causative “ make” hanya dapat dipergunakan dalam kalimat yang bermakna aktif saja!
      b.    Kata kerja setelah “ make “ adalah kata kerja bentuk pertama

3.    Causative let : mengijinkan, memperbolehkan
A.    Contoh

  1.  Her parents let sonali take the bus to school
  2.  Does your mother let you eat out at KFC?
  3.  Surely, I will no let you stay home alone
  4.  Please, let the mechanic check the engine
  5.  Dan, don’t let your boyfriend wait for you without an end!
B.    Conlution ( kesimpulan )

       a.    Causative “ let “ hanya dapat di pergunakan dalam kalimat yang bermakna aktif saja!
       b.    Kata kerja setelah “ let “ adalah kata kerja bentuk pertama
4.    Causative help : membantu
A.    Contoh
  1. Please help me do this homework. I can’t understand how to do it
  2. Could you help me find a new boarding house to stay?
  3. Danny will be very glad if you can help her get some gifts from the store
B.    Conclution ( kesimpulan )
     a.    Causative “ help “ hanya dapat dipergunakan dalam kalimat yang bermakna aktif saja!
     b.    Kata kerja setelah “ help “ adalah kata kerja bentuk pertama.

5.    Causative get : menghendaki menyuruh.
A.    Contoh
  1. Pamella wants to get her motorcycle checked and fixed. Because it has been broken more than a week. (Bermakna pasif)
  2. Pamella menginginkan sepeda motornya diperiksa dan diperbaiki.
  3. Tamara usually gets her montly magazine delivered to her house, but last month , she got it delivered to her office . ( bermakna pasif) tamara biasanya menghendaki majalah bulanannya dikirim kerumah, akan tetapi bulan yang lalu, dia menghendaki majalah tersebut dikirim kekantornya.
  4. Rosallia usually gets her mother to fry some eggs for her. ( bermakna aktif ) Rosallia biasanya meminta ibunya untuk menggorengkan beberapa telur untuknya
  5. Did you get Mr. Boy to drive you home last night? ( bermakana aktif ) . apakah dirimu meminta Mr. Boy untuk mengantarmu pulang tadi malam?
B.    Conclution (kesimpulan)
       A.    Causative “get” bermakna aktif jika diikuti to + verb I
       B.    Causative “ get” berwarna pasif  jika diikuti kata kerja bentuk ketiga
       C.    Penggunaan get, gets, atau disesuaikan dengan subject kalimat.

        Subjek tunggal ( present) gets
        Subjek jamak (present) get
        Subjek tungga/ jamak (past)


Causative test
Junior high school
Time : 90minutes
Choose A, B, C ,D or E as the best answer!
1.    Mr. Tanaka would you like to have his car .......... at the repair shop

 A.    To repair
B.    Be repaired
C.    Be repairing
D.    Repaired
E.    Will be repaired

2.    Mr. Ahmad got the students ..........their test before 10.00

A.    To finish
B.    Finished
C.    Be finished
D.    Finish
E.    Must finish

3.    Mr. Bardy had his house .........

A.    To paint
B.    Be painted
C.    Repainted
D.    To be repainted
E.    To paint

4.    “ Novie” would you like to close the window? “ clara said. In other words, we can say, that ......
A.    Clra needs to open the window for Novie
B.    Novie needs the windows to be opened
C.    Novie asked Clara to close the window
D.    Clara asked Novie to open the window
E.    Clara had the window closed
5.    The story of the movie has made me ..... my life too much.

A.    To think about
B.    Think about
C.    Thought about
D.    Thingking about
E.    To be thought of

6.    The woman wanted to have the car next to his .... backward.

A.    Park
B.    To  be parked
C.    Move
D.    To move
E.    Moved

7.    The young man is foolish to cut his hair himself  so he ......

A.    Wants to comb it
B.    Wants to wash it
C.    Wants to dye it
D.    Has it cut
E.    Has cut it

8.    You will have to get your father ....... to the bookstore. You need to buy some books.

A.    To make you
B.    To take you
C.    Taking you
D.    To send you
E.    To buy you

9.    If you don’t have time to write all of those letters, you can .......

A.    Write them now
B.    Get to write them now
C.    Have them written now
D.    Type them now
E.    Have them to be written

10.    “The man had his car washed because it was very dirty,” this sentence means that ......
A.    The man washed the car
B.    The man was washing his car now
C.    The man was washing his car
D.    Because it was dirty, the man washed his car
E.    Someone washed the car for the man
11.     A: the curtains of my room need washing.
B: well, go to the laundry and ........

A.    Was them
B.    They are washed
C.    It should wash them
D.    Have them washed
E.    Make them wash

12.    It is impossible for us to translate the whole book within 2 weeks. So we
A.    Have to translate it all by ourselves
B.    Have someone help us
C.    Have translated the whole book
D.    Have been asked to translate it
E.    Have given all the translation to the assistants
13.    My little brother had scattered all his toys on my bed, so I had him ..... the bed before night fell.

A.    Clean
B.    To clean
C.    Cleaned
D.    Be cleaning
E.    To be cleaned

14.     If you plan to have a long trip, you must .....

A.    Have checked the car
B.    Have had the car checked
C.    To have the car checked
D.    Have the car checked
E.    Have been checked the car

15.    Ann has beautiful plants in her garden, but they all seem to be dying. I am sure she ........

A.    Seldom has them watered
B.    Has asked someone to water them
C.    Never has to water them
D.    Has been watering them
E.    Has always watered them

16.     She has grown up now. She needs to have her old pants.

A.    Longer
B.    Length
C.    Lengthened
D.    Bigger
E.    Very long

17.    A: I fixed tthe light in the bathroom yesterday, but it went out again.
B: why don’t you have an electrician.......?

A.    To be checked
B.    Checking it
C.    To check it
D.    Check it
E.    Has to check it

18.    The manager had his secretary get the ticket for a flight” means........
A.    The manager was asked by his secretary to get the ticket
B.    The secretary had to get the ticket for the manager
C.    The manager went with his secretary  to get the ticket
D.    The manager got the ticket for his secretary
E.    The secretary had got the ticket for the manager
19.    A: why does the secretary have work overtime
B: her boss....... the letters

A.    Has retyped
B.    Has been retyping
C.    Has her retype
D.    Has to retype
E.    Wants to retype

20.    A: aren’t you going to make hotel reservation?
B: no. I’ll have the travel agents ..............

A.    To do it
B.    In doing it
C.    Doing it
D.    Do it
E.    He does it

21.    The curtains are dirty ; we ......... at the dry – cleaner’s
A.    Must have washed them
B.    Have washed them
C.    Must have them  washed
D.    Are washing them
E.    Washing them

22.     A: this cake is delicious; is it home made?
B : you know it wasn’t ........

A.    I baked it myself
B.    Lucy asked me to bake it
C.    It was I who baked it
D.    I had lucy bake it
E.    I had to bake it

23.     Now that she has grouth up, my niece has her old dresses lengthened.
This means .....
A.    My niece has lengthened her old dresses
B.    My niece asks someone to lengthen her old dresses
C.    My niece has been told to lengthen her old dresses
D.    My niece has to lengthen her old dresses herself
E.    My niece has been asked by someone to lengthen her old dresses.
24.    The workers went on strike to get the management of the company .......

A.    To raise their wages
B.    Has to raise their wages
C.    Raise their wages
D.    Is to raise their wages
E.    Raised their wages

25.    The women want to have the police offer ........ the man who grabbed her handbag.

A.    To arrest
B.    Arresting
C.    Is To arrest
D.    Arrested
E.    Will arrest

26.    The disaster had made a lot of people in the region .......their possessions.

A.    Lose
B.    Loss
C.    Lost
D.    Have to lose
E.    Had lost

27.    The authorities couldn’t help having the banks .......

A.    To close down
B.    Are closed down
C.    Close down
D.    Have to be closed
E.    Closed down

28.    The building was burnt down by the mob. As the condition of the country is getting better now, the owner wants to get it .......

A.    Rebuild
B.    To rebuild
C.    Rebuilding
D.    Is rebuilt
E.    Is to rebuilt

                                                             GOOD LUCK!

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